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by TurnTo

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Customer Success Story: Rockler

TurnTo is the inventor of and leader in Community Q&A, which enables your shoppers to ask and see answers to questions about items available on your site. Past buyers are invited to answer questions, and Community Q&A can display answers from your existing knowledgebase or answers from your own experts. TurnTo combines the wisdom of customers and internal experts with existing content to answer shopper questions fast.

By enabling authentic dialog between shoppers and customers right on the product pages, TurnTo increases conversion rates, generates fresh content for SEO, builds customer loyalty, and reduces call center load. Over 90% of questions sent to past shoppers receive social answers.

Only TurnTo Q&A provides unmatched features to maximize the number and speed of answers, like powerful language filtering to accelerate moderation and automate routing, advanced logic to ensure questions are sent to the right people, similar item groupings to increase owner pools and distribute content, multi-item questions, best answer display, and so much more.

By making some of this social Q&A data available in Bronto, you can build more targeted and personalized email and cross-channel marketing campaigns.

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