Email Verification

by StrikeIron

Best Practices White Paper

StrikeIron is the cloud leader with the most mature and reliable Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform in the market. We are passionate about innovation in data quality and data communications. We empower businesses by providing access to valid, accurate, and actionable data – when and where they need it. StrikeIron’s cloud services also enable businesses to communicate with consumers in the medium of their choice.

Some of the most well-known software companies in the world, including Oracle, Microsoft,, and SAP have chosen to partner with us to help deliver their visions. Founded in 2003, StrikeIron is a venture-backed company based in Research Triangle Park, N.C. It was started by Bob Brauer (founder of DataFlux), Richard Holcomb (co-founder of HAHT Software and Q+E Software), and Robert Dale.

Even the best data acquisition practices can return incorrect or malicious email addresses that lead to increased email bounces and a poor sender reputation. StrikeIron’s Email Verification Plus Hygiene application ensures best practices in email marketing and communications by detecting the validity, reliability and safety of your customers’ email addresses. By leveraging StrikeIron’s solutions, Bronto users can verify and cleanse subscriber email lists with the click of a button.

StrikeIron’s Email Verification Plus Hygiene app detects potentially malicious email addresses within subscriber lists, protecting your user reputation by helping to avoid blacklists and spam folders. The app enables filtering email addresses based on time since last verification, allowing you to always keep your lists clean and up-to-date. Verify newly-added email addresses before you ever send email to them, as well as re-verify old, existing data. Improve customer email deliverability by 90% or more. StrikeIron has flexible, subscription-based pricing to fit any budget.

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