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Magento Connector

by Bronto Software


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Your Magento website contains a wealth of insight into your customers and what they’re buying. And shoppers will purchase more if you send them personalized messages based on their past buying behavior.

The Bronto Magento Connector, for both Magento 1 and Magento 2, allows you to seamlessly import past-purchase information from Magento into the Bronto Marketing Platform – including full order history and details about the specific products purchased – Magento Spirit of Excellenceso you can create ultra-targeted, personalized email and cross-channel marketing campaigns at scale. 

And the Bronto Magento Connector is developed and supported by a dedicated team of Bronto engineers, which means the best possible customer service and support experience for you!

Key features:

  • Order Import with Conversion Tracking – Seamlessly import past-purchase information, including complete order history and product details, for more informed and more targeted marketing campaigns.
  • RFM Metrics – In Bronto, auto-calculate RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value) metrics for contacts based on the full order history from Magento, and use these values for improved segmentation.
  • Abandoned Cart Reminders – Trigger a personalized message or message series in Bronto when a cart is abandoned in Magento—for both registered and guest abandons.
  • Transactional Emails –  Send any transactional emails, like order and shipping confirmations, directly through Bronto for maximum control over deliverability, performance metrics and the ability to add cross- and up-sell offers.
  • Post-Purchase Review Requests, Care Notifications and Reorder Reminders – Send product review request, care tips and reorder reminder emails to customers a set number of days after they purchase, including all product details for rich personalization.
  • Product Recommendations – Insert recommended products into transactional messages, abandonment reminders and post-purchase emails from Magento—or into any marketing message in Bronto. 
  • Product Catalog Sync – Automatically sync your entire product catalog from Magento into Bronto so you can easily insert any content into messages. The catalog is also the foundation for being able to use other apps like Browse Recovery and Predictor.
  • Coupon Management – Automatically apply a coupon code to the customer's shopping session when a visited URL contains a certain query parameter. Also, easily integrate with Bronto's Coupon Manager app for adding that parameter to links as well as automatic coupon syncing and redemption tracking.
  • App Interface – Easily configure the Magento Connector directly from within the Bronto Marketing Platform. No need to toggle back and forth between Bronto and Magento.
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