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Bronto Integration Guide
ViralSweep Guide

ViralSweep is the sweepstakes and contests platform for businesses. In just a few minutes you can build a sweepstakes or contest, connect it to Bronto, and place it right on your website. Sweepstakes and contests are one of the fastest ways to grow your email list and expand your social reach.

Integrating ViralSweep with Bronto takes just a few clicks, and everyone who enters your promotion can automatically be added to one of your Bronto lists. ViralSweep’s advanced features empower you to see real-time analytics and social data, and you can even track where leads came from to see what sources are bringing you the most valuable leads. In addition, you can use ViralSweep’s social actions to incentize entrants to perform actions, including share and refer friends and follow your social pages.

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