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by Retention Science

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Retention Science helps marketers understand their customer data, predict customer actions, and personalize email, website, and mobile marketing campaigns. Our data science engine collects, processes, and interprets thousands of customer signals a second. We allow marketers to stop guessing, and start marketing.

We’ve created a SaaS-based data intelligence layer that functions alongside your Bronto instance. We give you the ability to not only collect customer data, but also gather insights, make predictions, and personalize marketing campaigns.

You create your templates and workflows in Bronto, and we insert personalized content, such as unique offers and product recommendations for each individual customer. Additionally, our platform synchronizes your website and mobile app to display the same offer and recommendations as your email campaigns, maximizing cross-channel conversion rates.

Check out Bronto customer and Diamond Candles CEO Justin Winter discuss how Retention Science helps him better understand his customer and personalize marketing campaigns:

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