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by 4-Tell

4-Tell Recommendations Overview
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4-Tell provides an integrated suite of products that allows merchants to deliver individually personalized product recommendations to shoppers across all channels – web, email, mobile, CRM, and in-store. Our next-generation technology enables retailers of all sizes to increase conversion, sales and profits while providing a more engaging shopping experience at a compelling price point.

4-Tell increases your sales by 17% or more with 1:1 personalization through product recommendations, which bubble up items your shoppers are likely to purchase. Boost provides instant integration, flat-fee pricing, and measurable results. Boost uses shopper behaviors to automatically and intelligently recommend products, personalized for each shopper. We can take data from anywhere, and serve recommendations to anywhere – into web, email, mobile, ads and in-store.

With one billion recommendations served monthly for over 200 merchants, we know what will sell for you. We give you the ability to put the right product in front of your shoppers, at exactly the right time, across all channels.

The 4-Tell Product Recommendations App lets you insert highly personalized product recommendations into Bronto emails to drive higher opens, clicks and conversions, and to maximize revenue.

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