Adaptive Content

by Wylei

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Wylei, LLC is a leading provider of Adaptive Content™ to national brands and marketing agencies. Adaptive Content automatically adjusts to the context of each open, with up-to-the-second relevance, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful. Wylei’s proprietary cloud-based deep learning “relevance engine” automates the time-intensive A/B testing process and selects optimal message elements for every customer, in every context, to be delivered at just the right moment in time.

Wylei is based in Lancaster, PA and is powered by data science minds from Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Carnegie Mellon.

Wylei’s embedded AppCenter app automatically boosts your open and click rates with content that adapts to the context of each open. Wylei’s cloud-based machine learning engine automates the time-intensive A/B testing process to deliver the content with highest conversion odds to each individual recipient.

Wylei provides email marketers with a portal into the email that adapts to how, where, and when the email is opened.

Wylei integrates seamlessly and simply, without any friction from IT.

For more information about how Wylei boosts open and click rates while reducing production effort, please contact your Bronto relationship manager.

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